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12-19 august 2018, inta, salekhard
Polar series

Run through two climate zones of the Urals in a week!
Distance: from 10 to 95 km
Altitude: up to 4000 m
Difficulty: ✮
Stunning beauty of nature in the Polar Urals, the oldest mountains in the world, glaciers, spellbinding landscapes. Incredible and majestic Manaraga and the highest point of the Urals, mount Narodnaya (1895 m). All of this - the route of the Polar series.

This is your chance to get acquainted with the pristine nature of the polar and Polar Urals in just one week!
August 14 start of two races:
Narodnaya Ultra-trail (50 km)
Manaraga Ultra-trail (95 km)

19 August:
The first linear
Polar Ultra-trail (50, 28, 10 km)
Routes of the Polar Series
Subpolar Ural
Narodnaya Ultra-trail (50 km, 1300 m gain)
Manaraga Ultra-trail (95 km, 4000 m gain)
Polar Ural
Polar Ultra-trail (65 km, 30 km, 10 km)
Partners of the race
Want to become a partner of the race? Contact us: +7 (922) 142-17-76 or info@uralraces.ru