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Polar Ural
Rough place with fantastic nature. For many people to visit here  is an adventure. With us you will be able#to run incredible routes in the Polar region.
The routes of the Polar Ultra-trail will pass through the most beautiful places of this area: the valleys of the rivers Sob', Makarus' and Engayu, several moutains of the Polar Urals, the base of the mountain Dinosaur, Jade gorge, glacier Romantics
Polar Ultra-trail

Distance 65 km
Participation fee: from 4900 RUB.

Distance 30 km
Participation fee: from 2900 RUB.

Distance 10 km
Participation fee: 1200 RUB.

Participant's package includes:
  • Participation in the race
  • Medal puzzle
  • Finisher's t-shirt
  • Backpack (only 65 or 30 km)
  • Transfer (from the finish to Salekhard/Labytnangi)

Camping: accommodation in equipped camping in organizer's tents

Fee: 500 RUB/day

In yourr tents - for free

The cost of the package:
1000 RUB./day.

The package includes:
3-time meals a day

Race schedule
17 august
17 august
Transfer to Polar Ural
07:00 Departure of the train to Sob' station
15:00 Arrival and accomodation
20:00 Lunch
22:00 Go to sleep
18 august
18 august
Rest day
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Arrival and accomodation
14:00 Dinner
14:00 Welcome-packs giving
18:00 Lunch
19:00 Briefing
22:00 Go to sleep
19 august
19 august
Start of the Polar Ultra Trail
05:00 Breakfast
05:30 Equipment check
05:30 Stuff giving to trabsfer to the finish line
06:00 Start of the Polar Ultra-trail (50K)
07:00 Start of the Polar trail (28K)
08:00 Meeting of participants of 10K trail at Harp village
10:00 Transfer of participants to the start line (10K)
11:00 Start of the Polar trail (10K)
12:00 Transfer of participants (10K) from the finish to Harp
13:00 Finisher's dinner
14:00 Awarding ceremony
15:00 Transfer to Salekhard/Labytnangi
18:00 Control time ending
18:00 Arrival to Salekhard/Labytnangi
18:30 Accomodation in Salekhard
20:00 Excursion around Salekhard (free)
Routes of Polar stage
Routes of Polar stage
The base camp the Polar marathon will be located in the former village of geologists from the train/railway station "Sob'". The start of the races 28 and 50 km from the base camp. The first 12km of the distance will pass on a good dirt road, then the routes diverge and converge only on the Glacier Romantics. (Regestration to 10 km trail will start at Harp village near the bridge over the Sob' river.)

Polar Ultra-trail (GPS-track)
50 km, a set of 3000 m
Nature trails: 20km dirt road, 30km - stone road

Polar trail (GPS-track)
28 km, a set of 1200 m
The nature of the route: 18km - dirt roads, 10km - stone road

Romantic Trail (GPS-track)
10 km, a set of 700 m
The nature of the route: 6km dirt road, 4km stone road
How to arrive to "Sob' station"
Two different ways:
1. by plane to Salekhard. There is free ferry to Labytnangi and there's a train Labytnangi - Vorkuta (stop Sob').
2. by train to the Sob' station (it only stops the train Vorkuta - Labytnangi)

If you want to participate, just sign a message on e-mail: info@transural-run.com and we can help you with transfer
Transfer from the finish
Transfer from the finish base to Salekhard or Labytnangi. It is included in the participant package. Carriage will be on buses.