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Subpolar Ural
On the territory of Subpolar Urals in 2017 passed the stage of TransUral. In 2018 - it's a new challenge: Subpolar Ultra-trail and Manaraga Ultra-trail.
Narodnaya Ultra-trail (50 km)
Participation fee: 6900 RUB.

Manaraga Ultra-trail (95 km)
Participation fee: 9900 RUB

Participant's package includes:
  • Participation in the race
  • Medal puzzle (Subpolar-Polar Urals)
  • Finisher's t-shirt
  • Backpack
  • Transfer (INTA-Zhelannoe-INTA)

The hotel: the comfortable 2-3-4-bed rooms with sauna (2*)
Price: 8500 RUB.

The hostel
: accommodation in heated building in 3-, 4 - and 6-bed rooms
Cost: 5800 RUB.

Camping: accommodation in equipped camping in tents organizers
Cost: 2000 RUB.

In their tents - for free

The cost of the package:
1000 RUB./day.

The package includes:
Meal for 3-times a day

Routes of Subpolar stage
Routs of Subpolar stage
Narodnaya Ultra-trail (GPS-track)
50 km, climb 1300 m
The race for the highest point of the Ural#— mount Narodnaya (1895 m)! The extraordinary beauty of the route. The first 20 kilometers — solid road, then 5 km set up road. Changeable weather, mountains, vegetation is dominated by
below the belt, tundra, swamps, stones...

Manaraga Ultra-trail (GPS-track)
95 km, a set of 4000 m
The first race on mount Manaraga - the Queen of the Ural mountains.
How to get to the Inta
Different ways:

1. by train from Moscow to railway station to INTA-1* (for 2 days.)
2. by plane to Vorkuta or Syktyvkar and further still by the train to INTA-1*

*transfer from the station INTA-1 to the base "Zhelannoe" will be organized. The transfer is included in the cost of starter's pack.

If you want to participate, just sign a message on e-mail: info@transural-run.com and we can help you with transfer