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TransUral 2.0
The Middle Urals
International multi-day mountain ultra-marathon

12-16th June, 2019
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Distance: 150k for 4 days
Place: th Middle Urals

Difficulty: ✮
TransUral is the International multi-day mountain ultra-marathon.

Runs 150 km in the Middle Urals in 4 days!
TransUral continues its journey from South to North. In 2019, the place will be in the Middle Urals, Pervouralsk (40 km from Yekaterinburg). And it means-excellent transport accessibility.

The route passes through the mountains Volchikha, Shunut, rock Stone belt, across the border of Europe and Asia.
One day
The four-day stage race
150k for 4 days
Summ altitude 3000 m
One of 4 races
from 10k to 45k for 1 day
Any race to choose from
Participant's package
The all-inclusive membership package includes:
  • medal;
  • finisher's t-shirt;
  • food at the distance;
  • three meals per day;
  • accomodation;
  • participation on the afterparty;
  • gifts from sponsors;
  • transfer (from Yekaterinburg to the competion centre and back to Yekaterinburg)
  • transfer (from the competition center to the starting and finishing points and back to the competition center)
How to arrive?
The competition center is located on the base "Ostrov", 30 km from Yekaterinburg.

You can get to the starting point in different ways:

1. Plane to Yekaterinburg. From the airport will be the transfer to the competition center.
2. By train to Yekaterinburg. From the railway station will be the transfer to the competition center.
3. By car from Yekaterinburg to the base "Ostrov", a detailed route will be available on the website. We can help you with transfer, contact us: info@transural-run.com
Day 1 (35k) | Volchiha
Day 2 (35k) | Shunut
Day 3 (45k) | Khrustal'naya
Day 4 (42k) | Europe-Asia
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