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TransUral 2.0

The first and the largest in Russia international
multi-day mountain ultramarathon

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Transural — the first and the largest in Russia international multi-day mountain ultramarathon. It is a race of 4 years. Each year, the participants run for 4 days through the scenic route along the border of two continents — Europe and Asia.
Transural starts in 2014, since that time, more than 500 people from 12 countries ran the race with a length of 430 km the most picturesque areas of the South (2014), Meddle (2015) and the North (2016) of the Urals.
The Subpolar stage in 2017, completed a four-year series of Transural. In this race, was the first ever race on the highest point of the Ural mountains— mount Narodnaya (1895 m). The names of all participants who conquered the top — now on the pages of history. Nobody run higher in Urals!
In 2018, the start of the Transural 2.0. We return to the southern Urals!