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Date: 17-18 august, 2019
Distances: 50, 30, 10 км

Toughness: ✮
Harsh land with fantastic nature. The routes of the Polar Ultramarathon will pass through the most beautiful places of this area: the valleys of the rivers Sob', Macarus' and Engayu, several passes of the Polar Urals, the base of the mountain Dinosaur, Jade gorge, glacier Romantics. For many people to visit here is already a whole adventure, and with us you can also run along the incredible routes of the Polar region. You can run two races in 2 days:

17.08 - Pour-Keu Trail 10k
18.08 - three races: 10k, 30k, 50k

This is your chance to discover the pristine nature of the Polar Urals in just one weekend!
Romantic Trail
Climb of 700 m
Control time 3 h
Polar Trail
Climb of 1200 m
Control time 8 h
Polar Ultra-trail
Climb of 3000 m
Control time 12 h
Pour-Keu Trail
Climb of 700 m
Control time 5 h
Participant's package
The participant package includes:
  • medal;
  • finisher t-shirt;
  • backpack (only 50 and 30 km);
  • food at the distance and at the finish;
  • participate in the afterparty;
  • gifts from sponsors;
  • transfer (from the finish to Salekhard or Labytnangi)
      How to arrive?
      You can get to the starting point different ways: by plane or by railway. If you want to participate, just send us an e-mail and we help you with it: info@transural-run.com
      Polar Ultramarathon (GPS)
      50 k, altitude 3000 m
      Character of the route: 25k - trail routes, 25k- stone routes

      Polar trail (GPS)
      28 k, altitude 1200 m
      Character of the route: 18k - trail routes, 10k - stone routes

      Romantic Trail (GPS)
      10 k, altitude 700 m
      Character of the route: 6k - trail routes, 4k - stone routes
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      Want to become a race partner? Contact us: +7 (922) 142-17-76 или info@uralraces.ru
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