TransUral 2.0
The North Urals 2020
Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk region
3-7 July, 2020
Distance: 110 k for 4 days
Location: Sverdlovsk region

Mountains: The Northern Urals
International multi-day mountain ultramarathon. TransUral continues its journey from South to North. In 2020 it will be Northern Urals. 4 wonderful days of summer in one of the most outstanding places of Urals nature. Run 110k within 4 days in mountains of run just one day race (from 5 k to 37k).

Stunning views will guaranteed!
Second day
Vertical kilometer
Climb 1000 m
Third day
Kazanskiy Kamen'
Climb 1300 m
Fourth Day
Serebryanskiy Kamen'
Climb 1300 m
First day
Marathon «Konzhak»
Climb 1400 m
Participants' package
The package includes:

  • meeting at the airport;
  • hotel accommodation from 2.07 to 3.07;
  • tour of Yekaterinburg;
  • english-speaking guide;
  • support at the race;
  • accomodation;
  • food;
  • transfer from Yekaterinburg to base camp and back;
  • medal;
  • finishers' t-shirt;
  • food in race;
  • afterparty;
  • gifts from sponsors.
Race program
03.07.2020 recreation center Serebryansky Kamen

10:00 transfer to base camp from Yekaterinburg
from 16:00 check-in, accommodation and registration of participants
19:00 welcome-party
20:00 official opening of the competition and briefing for participants

04.07.2020 the Konzhak marathon

06:00 breakfast
07:30 departure of participants for the start
10:00 general start of konzhak mountain marathon
15:00 awarding of the winners of the konzhak marathon at the finish line
16:00-17:00 transfer to the base camp
17:00 registration of new participants of the kosvinsky kamen' race
18:00 dinner
19:00 awarding ceremony for groups of Transural
20:00 briefing on the next day of the race
22:00 lights out at base camp

05.07.2020 kosvinsky kamen' race (vertical kilometer)

07:00 breakfast
07:30 check the required equipment before boarding the buses
08:00 1st flight of participants to start (Seniors, Master Women, Women groups)
09:30 Ggeneral start of the first group
09:30 2nd flight participants at the start (group of Men, Master Men)
11:00 general start of the second group
14:00-17:00 transfer to the base camp
18:00 dinner
19:00 award ceremony
20:00 briefing on the next day of the race
22:00 lights out at base camp

06.07.2020 race " Semichelovech'ya"

07:00 breakfast
09:00 check of equipment
10:00 general start of the race
18:00 dinner
19:00 award ceremony
20:00 briefing on the next day of the race
22:00 lights out at base camp

07.07.2020 race on Serebryansky kamen'

06:00 breakfast
07:00 check of mandatory equipment
08:00 general start of group 1 (Seniors, Master Women, Women and participants not included in the the first 100 in the overall standings)
09:00 general start of group 2
14:00 gala dinner (for all finishers)
15:30 summing up, presentation of t-shirts and awarding of the winners of the race and the Northern stage of Transural
17:00 departure of participants
How to arrive?
We will pick you up from the airport in Yekaterinburg 2.07 or 3.07.
If you decide not to travel by plane, please write us about it:
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