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Breathtaking views
of Russia
Are you ready to conquer the harsh beautiful nature? Unique rocks, fantastic valleys, mountain passes and gorges, extraordinary glaciers! This is the race that will leave a feeling of traveler-discoverer and the most vivid impressions for a long time!

For all international participants we help to find the ways to get to our races.
Our races
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Ural Ultra-trail
Ancient rocks of the Middle Urals. Linear heat race over mountainous terrain. 12k, 50k or 100k races. Three away separate starts and the overall finish in Yekaterinburg. Location that is easy to get to. Go get it!
TransUral continues its journey from South to North. It will be 4 days in one of the most outstanding places of Urals nature. Run 150k within 4 days in mountains or run just one day race (from 5 k to 37k).
Vehicle Tour
Vehicle tour of the Polar Urals with tracking exits to the peaks and glaciers. Lakes, waterfalls, ethno-excursion to the deer herders' camp, fishing and this is only part of what awaits you on the route of the upcoming tour.
Polar Ultramarathon
Harsh region with fantastic nature. The routes of the Polar ultramarathon will pass through the most beautiful places. Dictances from 8k to 50 k. Fantastic valleys, passes, glaciers, gorges and mountains are waiting for you!