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Transural is the first and the largest international multi-day mountain ultramarathon in Russia. It's a 4-year race. Each year, participants for 4 days run a picturesque route laid along the border of two parts of the world — Europe and Asia.

Transural held since 2014, during this time more than 500 people from 12 countries ran a distance of 430 km in the most picturesque areas of the southern (2014), Middle (2015) and Northern (2016) Urals. The Subpolar stage in 2017 completed a four-year series of Transural. As part of this race was the first in the history of the race at the highest point of the Ural mountain Narodnaya (1895 m). The names of all the participants, who conquered the summit — now on the pages of history. Nobody ran higher than us on the Urals!

2018 opened a new series of TransUral 2.0. The race included the Polar series with the support of Duracell and the Southern stage of the race.

2019 is ahead and we are determined to push the limits of what is possible again!
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