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8-12 June 2018, Abzakovo
TransUral 2018-2022 | South Ural

Start of the new series of TransUral 2.0
Frirst stage
Distance: 135 km in 4 days
Place: Abzakovo, Russia
Dates: 8-12 June 2018
Dificulty: ✮
TransUral 2.0— the beginning of a new four-year series, second part of the largest Russia multi-day mountain ultra-marathon.
Once again in 4 years we conquer 4 Urals — the Southern, Middle, Northern and Subpolar. Each year participants run for the four-day race, laid on interesting mountain routes.
South stage at 2018 we will spend in Bashkiria. It will be the most ambitious, incredibly picturesque, with developed infrastructure and excellent transport accessibility! Each race day will not be similar to another — will change places, mountains, soil, vegetation.
The program of the competition
8th June
8th June
Arrival on the base "Abzakovo"
Arrival and registration at the base camp in Abzakovo
9th June
9th June
The first day of the race

Away start in lake Bannoe and finish in Abzakovo (40km)
10th June
10th June
The second day of the race
Away start with the race at mountain Korchak and finish in Abzakovo (15km)
Transfer to base camp "Arskiy Kamen"
11th June
11th June
The third day of the race
Away start from the village Verkenearshisky on the mountain Komardak and finish in Tirlyan. (45km)
12th June
12th June
The fourth day of the race
Away start and finish near the ridge. Kraka (35km)
Organaized transfer to Beloretsk
How to arrive?
Some different ways:
  • by car
  • by train to Novoabzakovo station
  • by plane to Magnitogosk and next by bus
  • by bus
If you want to participate in TransUral, just send us a message to info@transural-run.com We can help you with arriaval.
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Partners of the race
Want to become a partner of the race? Contact us: +7 (922) 142-17-76 or info@transural-run.com